Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Nowhere Man on Bandcamp

For some reason, despite that I am a musician in addition to being a music writer, I have rarely even mentioned my own music on this blog. Today, I will change that.

For many years, I have released music as The Nowhere Man, and since 2009, that output has been freely downloadable from my hand-coded website. While I don't have a new album to promote, I have overhauled my online presence, recompiled and remastered some of my back catalog, and provided lyrics to everything. I've retired my old website in favor of a Bandcamp page, thenowhereman.bandcamp.com. This move also means that my music is available online in lossless form for the first time. It's all still free.

Alongside my three primary albums, there are two carefully compiled collections of additional material, titled The Best of the Rest, Version 6 and More of the Rest: Early Recordings. Furthermore, there is a loose space for assorted demos and ephemera, collected under the generic heading Miscellaneous Demos. This includes, for example, the first song I ever wrote and recorded, as well as "The Other Side", which I wrote and demoed in 2014 and really should make a better version of. [Edit 2020.11.13: I eventually did and appropriately renamed it as "Another Side".] [Edit 2022.05.14: Last year I decided that there was way too much of my subpar old music online. I've taken the best and put it together into one compilation titled Recollection.]

It's all there for the taking, so listen and enjoy if you'd like. I should also take the opportunity to promote my last band in St. Louis, Missing Values (our album Insignificant Results is also free to download on Bandcamp), and I should mention my current group, Sea State Six, as we are working on our first recordings presently. [Edit 2020.11.13: It only took five years, but here's the album and here are the lyrics.]

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