Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Anfängerfehler - Anfängerfehler (EP, 2022)

Check out this new EP from Anfängerfehler! This is Tim Howard of Soltero’s German-language project. The name translates to “beginner’s mistake(s)”, alluding to Tim’s journey of learning German. The EP features three lovely, carefully produced songs full of wistful atmosphere and subtle wit. It’s a pleasant listen even if you can’t understand the words, but all the better if you do. I can’t claim any credit for the recordings, but I played these three songs live with Tim at the Soltero show back in March. Sooner or later we’ll get another chance to present them to you in person, but until then, enjoy the EP!

1. Ich atme zum ersten Mal
2. Weihnachten ist vorbei
3. Strohwitwer

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