The Music Game

The Music Game is a great little way to spend/waste your time and challenge your knowledge of music trivia. While perhaps best enjoyed as a group, it certainly works individually as well.

The idea, design, and code are from The Film Walrus. It was originally derived from his own Movie Game. Jim Sabo and I contributed a large number of the cards, and I'm sure a few other people I've since forgotten have contributed ideas as well.

To play, press the button below to display three cards. Think of a song that fits any two of the cards. If that doesn't work, try for a band instead of just a song. Or if you want a challenge, try pick a song (or band) that fits all three. Enjoy!

Card 1:

Card 2:

Card 3:

P.S. My original introduction to the game can be found here, although it mostly says the same thing while using more words.

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