Saturday, December 27, 2008

Free Local Music

I just wanted to write a quick note about a few friends who have their music available for free download. First is Falsetto Boy, whose recent live performance I just wrote about. He’s a solo mostly-acoustic act based out of St. Louis. If you go to his website and click on the links on the right, you can download a bunch of his EPs, totally for free. Enjoy. He also has a punkier album out with Muscle Brain that you still might be able to get a copy of (if you pay). [Edit 2019.11.13: new links for Falsetto Boy and Muscle Brain.

Second is Savant Trigger, who just released a new EP after spending four months in Vienna. If you go to his really crazy website and click on Free Downloads, you can get the EP and the Terminal album from earlier this year, again totally for free. He’s an electronic artist that makes a sort of experimental dance pop thing. He’s also based out of St. Louis and occasionally has dance parties that totally rock. I recommend spending some time playing around on his extended website maze.

I’d also like to mention Ian Fisher, who is currently touring Europe and probably won’t come back to his semi-native St. Louis for a while. He’s an acoustic folk artist that often plays with a cellist and/or some other friends. His two albums aren’t free, but you can download them from iTunes. According to his website, he’s got another full-band album in the works, too. He’s a great songwriter and his recordings sounds fantastic. [Edit 2019.11.13: new website link.]

Someday I’ll get some more of my own music up for download online. Of course, if you want a physical copy of my latest album, just let me know. [Edit 2019.11.13: My own music can be found on bandcamp.]

Support local music! (And if you don’t live in St. Louis… support independent music!)

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