Monday, April 25, 2016

Faust / Ian Fisher - Live 2016.03.18 on dublab

During South by Southwest, I mentioned attending a set by Ian Fisher that was broadcast on dublab, and that Faust were present for a subsequent interview. Well, I checked the website again recently, and both appearances have now been made available for download in mp3 format. I already discussed Ian's set, as I was present for it, but Faust's interview is also fascinating.

The interview only features singer/bassist Jean-Hervé Péron, although a few comments in German from his daughter/tour manager Jeanne-Marie Varain are occasionally audible. Zappi Diermaier was present (I saw him enter the building!) but he apparently was only there for the falafel, not the interview. In any case, over the course of about 25 minutes, Péron discusses being motivated and surprised by the number of young people in their audiences and how the impact of the band has grown with time. He mentions trying to borrow cement mixers on tour, missing being able to use his own (as it is apparently perfectly tuned to an A), and being thrilled to have one available for their show in Iowa City. He also mentions trying to collaborate with local musicians while on tour, which partially explains why Éric Débris appeared with the band on stage the night prior: the French native now lives in Austin. Péron didn't seem particularly thrilled with SXSW, though. I think he shares my complaints about the quick set turnovers and limited soundchecking opportunities.

Anyway, hearing Péron talk was almost as good as seeing the band's SXSW set. (It was certainly more coherent!) It does make me wonder all the more what they sound like in their proper element, with a decent soundcheck and time for the music to stretch out and settle in (and a proper cement mixer). That's actually a common feeling I'm left with after SXSW showcases: they rarely feel like an accurate representation of a band's worth, and I often am left wishing I'd seen a more complete set. Since Austin is such a festival-oriented city, many bands only come here for them, which means I miss some opportunities I might otherwise get to see full sets. On the other hand, I also get to see a ton of bands I probably never would have otherwise gone out of my way to see, so I guess there's a tradeoff.

Anyway, enjoy the free downloads!

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